Thursday, February 23, 2017

POISON IDEA - "Latest Will And Testament" LP

TKO Records is delighted to FINALLY  bring you Volume 4 of the POISON IDEA "Kings Of Punk" reissue series: the 10th Anniversary edition of "LatestWill & Testament." 

This album was to be the final recordings of POISON IDEA's legendary guitarist Tom "Pig Champion" Roberts, and was originally released in Europe in early 2006, shortly after his death. This reissue is the first domestic release of this later period, lost P.I. classic. 

It's widely agreed  among P.I. fans that the original 2006 version clearly suffered from the unfortunate circumstance under which it was released. For this edition, Punk/Metal crossover wunderkind Joel Grind of TOXIC HOLOCAUST was given with the task of remixing the album from the master tapes. The end result is the presentation that "Latest Will..." was always meant to have: an album that now without question earns its place among the rest of POISON IDEA's powerful discography

If you missed "Latest Will & Testament" the first time around, or if you want to hear these songs louder, mean and better than ever before, GET THIS RECORD.

The first pressing of 1,000 copies is on WHITE VINYL!

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