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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Veteran TKO Bands The FORGOTTEN and The GENERATORS Among The Line-Up at 1st Annual INSTA-FEST

Two acts who have a long history with TKO Records - the FORGOTTEN (San Jose) the GENERATORS (Los Angeles) - are slated to appear at the inaugural INSTA-FEST festival on September 13 and 14.

They will be joining a very strong line-up of classic and current Street Punk and Oi! bands for this event hosted by DURTY MICK RECORDS at Alex's Bar , Long Beach, CA.

Check the text links above for tickets and updated information.

(INSTA-FEST 2014 Trailer)

(From the vaults - "Punk Off!" Episode #3 w/ the FORGOTTEN circa 2008)


(From even deeper in the vaults - the GENERATORS "Down In The City" Music Video, 2001)

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The TEMPLARS Announce International Assault


International Skinhead sensations the TEMPLARS have announced their latest round of festival appearances for 2014!

Friday, August 22

- Badalona (Barcelona), Spain @ Estraperlo Club

Sunday, August 31

Hartfort, CT 

Saturday, October 4

Nantes, France

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


(ANTiSEEN 2014 - Left to Right: Mad Brother Ward, the Gooch, Jeff Clayton, Sir Barry Hannibal)

World Heavy Weight Champions Of Rock n' Roll ANTiSEEN have demolished any doubts as to whether the band will continue after the tragic death of guitarist and cofounder "Mighty" Joe Young. At the end of June, the band unveiled a new line-up of vocalist/founder Jeff Clayton, veteran member Sir Barry Hannibal, recent recruit drummer the Gooch, and stepping into the role of guitarist Mad Brother Ward. Brother Ward has a long history with ANTiSEEN as a friend and collaborator. With the annoucement, Ward spoke directly about his additude towards his new role in the band:

"It is my intention to honor the memory of Joe Young and the legacy of this band. It was his wish for the band to always continue. Speaking as a fan I know Joe Young was irreplaceable. His style and sound were integral. I don't see myself as "replacing" Joe. My effort is to try to pick up where he left off and emulate that style and sound - which is the sound of ANTiSEEN."

- Mad Brother Ward, June 2014

Since joining the band, Mad Brother Ward has also launched the NOISE FOR THE SAKE OF NOISE blog where he discusses the profound influence ANTiSEEN has had on him, and where he plans to chronical his ongoing adventures with the newest incarnation of band.

(Mad Brother Ward & the Screamin' Street Trash, 1993)

ANTiSEEN Return To The Stage August 30th @ MUDDY ROOTS Festival

Following the report of the band's new line up, days later via FACEBOOK it was revealed that ANTiSEEN's return performance was scheduled for Saturday August 30 at the MUDDY ROOTS 2014 Festival in Cookeville, TN.

 But wait, as of July 22, there's more...


10/07 - Hattiesburg, MS @ the Tavern 
(w/ Before I Hang and The Grim Creepers)

10/08 - Dallas, TX @ Three Links
(w/ the MEATMEN)

10/09 - Austin, TX @ Red 7
(w/ the MEATMEN)

10/10 - San Antonio, TX @ The Korova
(w/ the MEATMEN)

10/11 - New Orleans, LA @ Siberia
(w/ the MEATMEN)

So, in case you didn't get the memo,  as the old saying goes...


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Sunday, July 20, 2014

POISON IDEA: Scandinavia & Beyond (UPDATED w/ TOUR DATES)!!

2014 has proven to be a very busy year for the "Kings Of Punk!!" We're talking West Coast tour, a wopping three - count 'em THREE - RECORD STORE DAY releases (on TKO, Rhino Records and Voodoo Donut Recordings), an Australian tour, an appearance at PUNK ROCK BOWLING... ANOTHER line-up change, NEW MANAGMENT, as well as the launch of the band's new BIG CARTEL WEB STORE......

Yes, POISON IDEA has been keeping busy this year. So what's next, you ask? Well, the band has unfortunately had to CANCEL their upcoming European tour, however the Scandinavian leg of the tour has been salvaged, and PI will be playing the following dates in August:

August 22 - Copenhagen, Denmark @ Loppen

August 23 - Gothenburg, Sweden @ Henricksberg (Club Showdown)

August 24 - Stockholm, Sweden @ Slakthuset

August 25 - Oslo, Norway @ Blitz
(w/ Deathhammer, Blood Suckers & Jenkem Warriors)

(Pictured above POISON IDEA mach 2014 - L TO R: the Duck, Flesh Gordo, Jerry A, the Vegetable & Spider)

In the meantime, the band is continuing to work on new material for the new album, as well as coordinating with TKO on the next installment of the "Kings Of Punk" reissue series. Currently, production is wrapping up on a revamped version of "Darby Crash Rides Again: The Early Years" as well as the debut of volume 4 in the series, 1987's "War All The Time" LP. Further details will follow in the very near future...

Check out Vulture Video's footage of POISON IDEA's May 23 performance at PUNK ROCK BOWLING 2014:

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

JOE YOUNG 1960-2014: In Memoriam

"I’d rather be infamous than famous, and I’d rather be respected than rich.

A helluva lot of people get rich in the music business but I don’t respect them a bit.

And fame is fleeting, but infamy lasts a long, long time and you’ll make your mark."

-Joe Young, 2003

TKO Records has lost a beloved family member.

On April 30, 2014 Joe Young, guitarist and co-founder of ANTiSEEN, suffered a fatal heart attack at his home in Charlotte, North Carolina. He had just returned from playing a string of dates with his band in the Midwest.

I realize that this tragic news has already received wide coverage in the international underground music press, but out of my deep love and respect for Joe, I feel the need to mark his passing on this page, late as it may be.

I first met Joe when TKO started working with ANTiSEEN in 2000, and I feel deeply honored and privledged to have had the opportunity to know this remarkable man, and to have collaborated with him on so many records and tours over the years. I am very proud that my record label is connected to Joe and his music.

Like the rest of Joe's friends, family and fans worldwide, I miss him terribly. And whenever I do, I put on an ANTiSEEN album and smile as I hear the primal growl of Joe's unmistakable guitar tone.


-Mark Rainey
TKO Records

Here's a short film by music documentarian ANTiSAM Boswell that was put together for Joe's memorial service back in May. It's a wonderful series of moments that capture the many sides of our friend's personality:

GIUDA “Yellow Dash” Music Video & “Let’s Do It Again” European Tour

International Rock n’ Roll sensations GIUDA have released a second music video for their TKO Records LP “Let’s Do It Again.” Check it out:

“Yellow Dash” is the second track off the new album, and is also available as a new 7” single from Damaged Goods & Fungo Records.

Rome’s favorite rock n’ roll boot boys continue to stomp all over the European club and festival scene, leaving scores of new fans in their wake. Here’s a list of GIUDA's upcoming European dates for the rest of the 2014 Summer:

07/19 Azzano X, Italy @ Fiera Della Music

07/24 Curtaarolo, Italy @ Curtarock Festival

07/25 Alpette, Italy @ Alpette Rock Free Festival

07/26 Fucecchio, Italy @ Reality Bites Festival

07/29 Sesto San Giovanni, Italy @ Carroponte

08/01 Hamburg, Germany @ Weltturbojugendtreffen X

08/02 Loreto Aprutino, Italy @ Nessundorma

08/04 Avellino, Italy @ La Bella Estate

08/08 Blackpool, England @ Rebellion Festival

08/16 St. Polten, Austria @ Frequency Festival

+more TBA - check Barley Arts for the latest updates.

CLICK HERE to check out all GIUDA titles available from TKO RECORDS.

TKO RECORDS RSD 2014 Titles Are Still Available (barely)

Yeah, yeah- we know, it ain’t April anymore, but we figured we’d let you know anyways…

For Record Store Day 2014, we were super proud to roll out these two killer exclusive titles:

the BELTONES - On Deaf Ears 12”

200 Yellow & Black Splatter Vinyl (SOLD OUT)
1,800 Black Vinyl (Still available)
50 Test Pressing w/Silkscreened, hand-number jacket (SOLD OUT?)

POISON IDEA - Getting The Fear 7”(w/ poster)

400 Blue & White Splatter Vinyl (Still Available)
400 Red, White & Blue Splatter Vinyl (Still Available)
400 Red & White Splatter Vinyl (Still Available)
400 Green & Purple Splatter Vinyl (Still Available)
400 Pink & Red Splatter Vinyl (Still Available)
100 Test Pressing w/ hand-numbered sleeve (Still Available)

These aren’t going to last long, and when they’re gone, they’re gonna stay gone. Get ‘em now at the TKO WEB STORE or overpay for them in the future- the choice is yours…..