Saturday, July 19, 2014

TKO RECORDS RSD 2014 Titles Are Still Available (barely)

Yeah, yeah- we know, it ain’t April anymore, but we figured we’d let you know anyways…

For Record Store Day 2014, we were super proud to roll out these two killer exclusive titles:

the BELTONES - On Deaf Ears 12”

200 Yellow & Black Splatter Vinyl (SOLD OUT)
1,800 Black Vinyl (Still available)
50 Test Pressing w/Silkscreened, hand-number jacket (SOLD OUT?)

POISON IDEA - Getting The Fear 7”(w/ poster)

400 Blue & White Splatter Vinyl (Still Available)
400 Red, White & Blue Splatter Vinyl (Still Available)
400 Red & White Splatter Vinyl (Still Available)
400 Green & Purple Splatter Vinyl (Still Available)
400 Pink & Red Splatter Vinyl (Still Available)
100 Test Pressing w/ hand-numbered sleeve (Still Available)

These aren’t going to last long, and when they’re gone, they’re gonna stay gone. Get ‘em now at the TKO WEB STORE or overpay for them in the future- the choice is yours…..

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