Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Being that this blog hasn't been properly updated in nearly two years, we've got a little bit of catching up to do, dear readers! Please allow us to present the condensed version of what's been happening with TKO:


Photo by Mike Spitz

-At the end of 2014, TKO RECORDS founder and owner Mark Rainey moved with his family up to Portland, OR where he continues to operate the label.

-After taking over a year off from releasing any titles, TKO RECORDS became active again in mid-2016. Updates on the four titles released on TKO last year will follow in the coming days.

Photo by Jeff Terranova
-The TKO storefront in Huntington Beach, CA continues to operate, but it is no longer officially connected to the label. The store was purchased by a longtime, loyal TKO employee who is committed to carry on the store's 8-year history of being a destination for record collectors from around the world. Please check the store's FACEBOOK PAGE for information, or better yet, just go down there during business hours and talk to the fine folks there.


Photo Courtesy of Discogs 

-So why was the TKO label largely inactive between the second half of 2015 and the first half of 2016, you ask?
The main reason was that Mark and his business partners were busy building out and then launching CASCADE RECORD PRESSING, a newly established vinyl pressing plant in Milwaukie, OR.

Photo Courtesy of The Guardian

CASCADE is the first pressing plant in the state of Oregon, ever. It is also the first record pressing operation to be opened the Pacific Northwest in over 30 years, and the only plant operating in the region. The first records rolled off the press in June of 2015, and since that time, CASCADE has pressed close to 1 million 12" records for nearly 1,000 different titles.

For more information, visit Cascade's WEBSITE or check out this short film about the company:

Cascade Record Pressing from Patrick Kehoe on Vimeo.

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