Tuesday, December 6, 2011


In early October we switched gears yet again and invited Scott "Wino" Weinrich to come down to TKO to eat some pizza, drink some soda pop, and play music for the fans of Saint Vitus, The Obsessed, Premonition 13 and his solo acoustic work, which was showcased at this intimate concert.

Wino has been doing records with Volcom for the past few years, one of which being 2010's Adrift; Wino's first full length acoustic album. The album is full of earnest songs dealing with love, loss, and frustration delivered with sincerity and conviction. Wino is one of those rare artists able to deliver his music through different mediums without losing any of the intensity or genuineness.

The acoustic format caters well to this singer known for his Doom Metal career. The guitar work teeters back and forth between soulful strumming and lead guitar, with never being over the top or distracting. The vocals suit the music perfectly; the sounds of a modern day outlaw having no regrets for the life he leads and the beliefs he holds.

He played songs from the album such as "Hold On Love", "Green Speed", and "I Don't Care", and closed the set with a cover of Motorhead's "Iron Horse/Born To Lose". He spoke a little bit between songs but mostly let the music do the talking. From the few words he did speak and the songs he played one thing was for certain; Scott "Wino" Weinrich is the real deal, a musician who plays music because in this crazy world it's the only thing that makes sense.

It was a real honor to have Wino perform in our store. For all things Wino visit his website: http://scottweinrich.com/

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