Sunday, December 18, 2011


Anyone interested in early LA punk rock is familiar with Alice Bag. The strong leader of The Bags and Alice Bag Band, Alice was essential in establishing the punk aesthetic, using the music to give herself a strong voice to convey whatever it was she pleased. This last October we were able to get Alice to do an in-store that included passages from her book and acoustic musical performances.

Alice Bag's new book "Violence Girl", is a memoir containing stories beginning with her childhood, traveling through her years involved with the early LA punk rock movement and into the present. To balance the night Alice would break up each reading with a song. She performed acoustic songs with a second guitarist and an acoustic bass player, playing a song in Spanish from her childhood, the Bags classic "Babylonian Gorgon" and a song from later in her musical career. A fan was able to record "Babylonian Gorgon", which was then posted to Alice Bag's Soundcloud. 

She read excerpts from her memoir that were both entertaining and interesting. One portion was a story from childhood about playing inappropriately with barbie dolls. Another reading spoke of her first encounters with the Germs and the Weirdos, seeing these bands play their very first shows. Everyone in attendance hung on every word, hearing history spoken by somebody with an eyewitness account and a guiding hand in it's development. 

Afterwards Alice signed posters, copies of her book and even a piece of one of the walls from the Masque, brought in by a fan. With the highest attendance yet, this was a night not to be missed and hopefully an indication of more great in-stores to come. 

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