Tuesday, November 22, 2011


For the next installment in the TKO Pizza Party series, we decided to include a musician who's work was from a different era than those we had previously hosted. In September we had the pleasure of having Dan O'Mahony who sang for such seminal bands as No For An Answer, 411, and Speak. He took this opportunity to share his writing, which like his music is genuine and sincere.

Before Dan got up to speak, he introduced his friend and fellow writer Greg Mollin who began the night by reading his works of short fiction, most notably a story entitled "Where The Fault Lies", which addressed the horror that accompanies the loss of a loved one. The room began to fill with familiar faces from the late 80s/early 90s Orange County Hardcore scene. Members of No For An Answer and Revelation Records came out to support Dan.

Dan O'Mahony read poetry and prose while providing background information on his involvement in the hardcore scene and the opportunities he was presented with because of it, which left those in attendance inspired to use free forms of expression to move others and to bring about change. His tour stories and the writing he read that was written while out on the road, gave you an insight into a man pursuing his dreams while not knowing where it was going to take him half the time.

In true TKO fashion, a limited 7" was released in conjunction with Dan's in-store performance. The "It Makes Me Sick" ep contains three newly recorded tracks of songs that were part of the early repertoire of No For An Answer songs but for whatever reason never received the proper vinyl treatment. Besides the title track, the ep includes "In The Beginning" and "Man Against Man", which up until this point had only been released as a live track. Limited to 500 and selling fast. 

It was another great night at TKO Records and another moving reading thanks to Dan O'Mahony. 

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