Saturday, July 19, 2014

JOE YOUNG 1960-2014: In Memoriam

"I’d rather be infamous than famous, and I’d rather be respected than rich.

A helluva lot of people get rich in the music business but I don’t respect them a bit.

And fame is fleeting, but infamy lasts a long, long time and you’ll make your mark."

-Joe Young, 2003

TKO Records has lost a beloved family member.

On April 30, 2014 Joe Young, guitarist and co-founder of ANTiSEEN, suffered a fatal heart attack at his home in Charlotte, North Carolina. He had just returned from playing a string of dates with his band in the Midwest.

I realize that this tragic news has already received wide coverage in the international underground music press, but out of my deep love and respect for Joe, I feel the need to mark his passing on this page, late as it may be.

I first met Joe when TKO started working with ANTiSEEN in 2000, and I feel deeply honored and privledged to have had the opportunity to know this remarkable man, and to have collaborated with him on so many records and tours over the years. I am very proud that my record label is connected to Joe and his music.

Like the rest of Joe's friends, family and fans worldwide, I miss him terribly. And whenever I do, I put on an ANTiSEEN album and smile as I hear the primal growl of Joe's unmistakable guitar tone.


-Mark Rainey
TKO Records

Here's a short film by music documentarian ANTiSAM Boswell that was put together for Joe's memorial service back in May. It's a wonderful series of moments that capture the many sides of our friend's personality:

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